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EMU Elementary Education Department Releases a Statement on 20 November Childrend’s Day

EMU Elementary Education Department Releases a Statement on 20 November Childrend’s Day

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Education Faculty, Elementary Education Department faculty members released a statement on the occasion of 20 November World Children’s Day. The statement expressed that the department carries out various studies in cooperation with universities, government institutions and non-governmental organizations in the context of protecting and developing Children’s Rights and preventing violations of said rights. The said statement reads as follows:

“It is stated that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was created on 20 November, 1989 to prevent harm to children aged 0-18, and that the Convention aims to guarantee children's vital, developmental, protection and participation rights. It has been emphasized that despite the contract signed in our country in 1996, which has become a part of our domestic law, there are still incidents of child abuse today.

It is underlined that it is important to teach children their rights for the implementation of the articles of the Convention, and that steps should be taken to establish and implement Child Protection Policies in our country. Moreover, it is stated that thanks to Child Protection Policies, it is possible to raise awareness about Children's Rights, to prevent violations of rights and to enable individuals who are exposed to rights violations to benefit from rehabilitation services.

In accordance with the vision of the department; with the priority of educating teachers who have the mission of creating democratic educational environments centered on children's rights, many scientific research studies aiming to strengthen the well-being of children, supporting early childhood development at the highest level and contributing to scientific knowledge in the field of child rearing are carried out, and it is intended to raise awareness of teacher candidates regarding children's rights.” As mentioned in the released statement, EMU Education Faculty, Elementary Education Department is to continue carrying out studies within the framework of this vision and train teacher candidates with a sensitivity to consider the best interests of the child.