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EMU CWS and KAYAD Organised a Conference Titled “Earthquake and Gender”

A conference entitled “Earthquake and Gender” was held with the cooperation of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Center for Women's Studies and Education (CWS) and the Association of Women to Support Living (KAYAD). The conference took place on Wednesday, 15 March, 2023 at 11:00 at EMU Ali Civelek Hall. At the conference moderated by EMU Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Economics academic staff member Prof. Dr. Fatma Güven Lisaniler, EMU CWS President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süheyla Üçışık Erbilen, KAYAD President Meral Akıncı, EŞİK Platform Volunteer Selen Lermioğlu Yılmaz and Purple Roof Volunteer Açelya Uçan participated in the event as speakers.

While EMU CWS President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erbilen evaluated the geography-specific effects of the earthquake disaster on gender, KAYAD President Akıncı analyzed the situation from a psychological point of view. Purple Roof Volunteer Uçan talked about the help that feminist solidarity provided to people in the earthquake and EŞİK Platform Volunteer Yılmaz talked about the international conventions related to the earthquake and successful practices in the world. Speakers made evaluations that women have been affected more negatively in the earthquake disaster due to gender inequality.