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EMU Best Young Chef Competition Ends

EMU Best Young Chef Competition Ends

The winners of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Tourism Faculty’s “Best Young Chef Competition” organized with the slogan of “EMU looks for its Young Chef” are revealed. The judge of the event was the beloved Cypriot chef Tanya Kilitkayalı whom we all know from Masterchef program broadcasted on TV 8. Within the framework of the event organized by Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazenin Ruso Kandemir and moderated by academic staff member Kurtuluş Özbaşar, Tanya Kilitkayalı evaluated the short videos prepared by the students.

Students Met with Tanya Kilitkayalı

Tanya Kilitkayalı, who especially gastronomy students would like to meet, answered various questions of the students after the event and shared her experiences with the participants of the event. Students shared their excitement to be able to have the opportunity of talking with Tanya Kilitkayalı even if it was through online platform. Tanya Kilitkayalı is herself a former graduate as well as an academic staff member of the EMU Faculty of Tourism, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department. Kilitkayalı also competed in Masterchef Turkey 2020 appearing in Top 20 and, she is also the director of the Garavolli Restaurant. 

Mehmet İnan Örki

Doğa Alçeler

Awards were Presented

As a result of Tanya Kilitkayalı’s evaluations, Mehmet İnan Örki from Muğla who participated in the competition with pumpkin dessert took the first place award. The runner-up was Doğa Alçaner with a cheesecake and the third place was taken by Gökçe Sultan Göçmen with a chicken curry dish. Other sub-category awards were as follows; Fatih Kaya with Mardin Kebab in “Best Local Chef” category and İsmail Atmaca with semolina dessert in “Most Sympathetic Chef” category. Mentioning that participants’ questions to Kilitkayalı were mainly related to the MasterChef competition, EMU Tourism Faculty vice Dean Assist. Prof. Dr. Güven Ardahan emphasized the importance of participating in such prestigious competitions.