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“City and Port” Themed Co-Exhibition by Eastern Mediterranean University and Istanbul Kultur University

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Architecture, Interior Architecture Department and Istanbul Kultur University, Faculty of Art and Design, Interior Architecture and Environment Design Department are collaboratively getting ready to organize an international students’ projects exhibition themed “City and Port” Projects opened on 20th, 2014 at 15:00 at Istanbul Delta Office Design Workshop Ortakoy Building with a glorious ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Zafer Ertürk, the Dean of the Arts and Design Faculty and also the Chair of the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department of the hosting İstanbul Kültür University talked about the parallelisms between the educational approaches of the two Interior Architecture institutions from Turkey and North Cyprus with their unique and strong staff. Prof. Dr. Ulaş Dağlı, the chair of EMU Interior Architecture Department, discussed how “City and Port” theme is the reason for the City of Famagusta for its rich history and how it was dealt with in different design studios. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Olgaç Türker, Vice-dean of EMU Faculty of Architecture explained the collaboration process between the two institutions in her speech. Prof. Dr. S. Semahat Demir, the Rector of IKU made referred to the message from Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. Öztoprak, the Rector of EMU and stated that it would be a great pleasure to have the inter-university collaboration at the protocol level.

Along with the magical atmosphere of the exhibition hall that was originally a Turkish bath; the presented projects also gained appreciation of the visitors. The exhibition will be open for visitors for fifteen days starting from its opening day.