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History of Turkish Education (EGIT316)

Concept, methods and sources of history of Turkish Education; education on first Turkish Governments, education in first Muslim Turkish Governments, education in Turkish Selçuklu State and Anatolian Seigniory; education in Ottoman Empire: education system until first renewel movements; education in Turkish governments outside of Ottoman Territories between 13th and 18th centuries; innovative movements in education until Tanzimat (Reform Period) in Ottoman Empire; Foundation of modern Turkish education system between Tanzimat and Republic; Reogranization of traditional education; education in other Turkish Goverments and communities in Eurosia between 19th and 20th centuries; education during national struggle for independence; education in Turkish Republic: foundation, structure, establishment and development of Turkish Education System; Teacher training from beginning until today; education in Turkish World; common aims, language and alphabet unification; attemps of writing a common history.

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