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Under the chairmanship of the Rector the Senate is composed of the Vice-Rectors, Deans, Chairs of Academic Departments, Directors of Institutes and Schools of Higher Education, 3 Professors elected by Professors; 2 Associate Professors elected by Associate Professors; 1 Assistant Professor elected by Assistant Professors, and 1 Instructor elected by Instructors .

The Senate is the academic organ of the University and carries out the following duties:

  1. Within the framework of the duties specified for the Board by this Statute, to discuss and propose academic plans, programs, reports concerned with the University’s educational policies, research and publication activities, and any suggestions prepared by working groups formed by the Rectors’ Office or Senate. To submit its proposed decisions through the Rector for the approval of the Board;
  2. To prepare proposed Regulations and By-laws concerning the University or the University’s units and staff structures, that are to be enacted once approved by the Board and published in the Official Gazette;
  3. To examine and decide upon the University’s annual educational programs and calendar; (4) To make recommendations to the Board as to the award of honorary academic titles;
  4. To examine and decide upon appeals against any Academic decisions of Faculty Academic Councils, Councils of Institutes and Schools of Higher Education; and
  5. To carry out the other duties given by the Rector in accordance with this Statute.