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Artificial Intelligence Engineering Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineering (AIE) is a relatively new program established in 2023 to meet the increasing demand for qualified AI engineers. AI engineering is the practice of combining the principles of systems engineering, software engineering, computer science, and human-centered design to produce intelligent systems that can carry out certain activities or achieve specific objectives.

Students of the AIE Program have the possibility of accessing and intensively working on the most up-to-date information regarding this fast growing and widely applied field of study.

General Information

Artificial Intelligence Engineering profession is becoming a highly attractive trend in the whole world. Also, this trend and the increasing needs of the IT industry indicate that AIE graduates will find employment in production plants where Industry 4.0 or higher technologies lead to high cost-effective productivity and also in research institutions where AI studies result in new technologies with human-competitive intelligence.

The program contains compulsory courses which span almost all the current scope of the basic AI discipline. Starting with engineering foundation courses in the freshman year, program related courses start in the second year with both introductory and core AI courses. Course subjects include basic AI background, followed by programming languages for AI, data science, search strategies, neural networks, knowledge representation and machine learning which are covered in sophomore and junior years. In the senior year, students take area elective courses depending on their choice of specialization area. These courses also introduce new subjects concerning the conceptual and technological developments in the field.


The main aim of the AIE Program is to equip students with the most up-to-date developments in the area of AIE and at the same time to enhance their life-long learning skills. All program related courses present both conceptual issues and the associated practice in well-equipped laboratories. Graduates of this program will have sufficient background on basic engineering subjects as well as on mathematics and physics. Fundamental courses on computer engineering and software engineering programs are also covered for maintaining hardware and software skills. Concerning the AIE subjects, a graduate will have both detailed knowledge on core AI subjects, as mentioned above, and future perspectives through area elective courses such as expert systems, information retrieval, data mining, big data analytics, human computer interaction and semantic web technologies.

Departmental Facilities

The AIE program offering education under the Computer Engineering department has internationally known distinguished full-time staff of academicians and researchers. Furthermore, a selected group of graduate students work as research and teaching assistants to help and guide practical work in laboratories. Fully equipped software and hardware labs enabling our students to combine theory and practice are available at the department. There is rich set of general-purpose and area-specific laboratories available in the department, such as graduation project laboratories, multimedia laboratories, logic design laboratories, microprocessors laboratory, circuit and electronics laboratory and, last but not least, area-specific research and development laboratories.

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in programming, data science, intelligent technologies or current research in artificial intelligence, AIE is a broad and multifaceted field of engineering that you may want to explore. You can work with contemporary breakthroughs and specialize in cutting-edge technologies such as self-driving vehicles, autonomous robots or smart homes by pursuing a career in AI. The first step is to select your ideal path and develop a realistic yet ambitious career strategy for yourself. Through our AIE program we aim to fully prepare you for such a career.


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