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TRNC’s First and Only Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program is at EMU

TRNC’s First and Only Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program is at EMU

Eastern Mediterranean Univerity (EMU) School of Computing and Technology (CTS) –  Mapping and Cadastral Survey Associate Degree Program is the first Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

EMU-SCT, which always works in a one-to-one relationship with the relevant sectors and follows the latest technology, enables students to have the most up-to-date and necessary skills in the related sectors with the Mapping and Cadastral Survey program. EMU-SCT, which has set the balance between theoretical and practical as the main target of providing quality-oriented education, works non-stop to increase the opportunities of its graduates to find jobs in related sectors, and students who graduate from the programs have the opportunity to find jobs quickly.

The EMU-SCT Mapping and Cadastral Survey Associate Degree program is in collaboration with an interactive map software company that is most widely used in Turkey and the TRNC and has the largest share of this market. Seminars are organized in which specialists are invited to EMU, where they can transfer their knowledge and experiences to students.

Students who graduate from the EMU-SCT Mapping and Cadastral Survey Associate Degree Program will have mastered the software and technical tools, mapping, title deed and Cadastre, GPS, GIS, construction and real estate used in both the public and private sectors in the TRNC and in Turkey, beginning their careers prepared. The students will be taught in Mapping and Cadastre computer laboratories that are equipped with the current technology application and software, with the most advanced measurement devices in the TRNC including GPS, Total Station, Teodolit, Nivo, and can also apply what they have learnt in the field.

In computer lab lessons, map drawing, application and calculations are made with advanced mapping software. In the classical drawing laboratory, a comfortable environment is prepared where students can draw by hand. In order to graduate from the Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program, it is necessary to complete two years of education. During the last semester of their education, students must complete an internship by working in the field for 2 days a week. The Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program is taught in Turkish. In addition, male students who have graduated from a 3 (2 + 1) year program will be entitled to perform their military service as reserve officers.

Students who will graduate from the Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program have the opportunity to find jobs where there is an urgent need in state institutions, municipalities, the construction sector, real estate agencies, licensed mapping and cadastral offices, private institutions or may establish their own offices. Thus, students graduate as individuals who are fully self-confident, self-sufficient and who can best meet the expectations of the industry.

All programs within EMU-SCT are accredited by YÖDAK, YÖK, ASIIN and FIBAA. Despite being a new program, the Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program has already achieved the reputable ASIIN quality certificate accreditation, increasing the opportunity for its graduates to study and work abroad by providing a diploma recognized within the borders of the European Union (EU).

The state policy for the revival of the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic identified the construction sector and as an affiliated sector, the mapping sector, as leading sectors. During the pandemic, the construction groups connected to SCT; the Mapping and Cadastral Survey and Construction Technology, two and three-year programs, continued their education online without interruption.

TRNC citizens or Republic of Turkey citizens graduating from a TRNC educational  institution vocational school, trade school, high school and college graduates, will be able to register for the Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program and the Construction Technology Program without an examination and with a full state scholarship, during the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year, Fall Semester. Students will be able to make their applications via the EMU Student Selection and Placement system online, for free, between 18th May and 10th June 2020. Placement results will be announced on the 24th of June 2020.

Students studying at EMU and reside in the Lefkoşa, Girne, İskele and Karpaz areas, have the opportunity to receive free bus transportation service throughout the academic year. Students graduating from the Mapping and Cadastral Survey Program may continue on to graduate and post-graduate studies if they wish. Students who will receive scholarship education in EMU programs in the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year will also be determined through the same system and by considering their success in high school education. Prospective student candidates who wish to apply for this program can do so by calling the following phone numbers, (+90 392) 6301245 - 6301111, or by messaging the WhatsApp number 05338625026 for free or can visit internet address to receive information regarding the scholarship and registration with examination details.