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Prof. Dr. Süheyl Batum in EMU

Prof. Dr. Süheyl Batum in EMU

Member of the Parliament in Turkish Grand Assembly and professor of Constitutional Law Süheyl Batum delivered a conference entitled ‘“Constitutional State and Judicial Independence” at EMU Law Faculty.The conference which was organized by EMU Law Club, received great interest both from the faculty members and students.

At the beginning of the conference, Prof. Dr. Süheyl Batum expressed his happiness in visiting both EMU and TRNC. Prof. Dr. Batum then explained the importance of the components of the constitutional state and the concept of pluralism. 

Talking about the government’s connection with law, Prof. Dr. Batum highlighted the legal security and put forth that independence of judiciary is essential. Prof. Dr. Süheyl Batum also gave information about the Cyprus Conflict and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

At the end of the conference, Prof. Dr. Batum answered the audience’s questions.

After the conference, Prof. Dr. Batum attended Law Faculty’s Certificate Awarding Ceremony and presented some of the honor and high honor certificates to students.

Prior to the conference, Prof. Dr. Batum visited EMU Rector’s Office and had a meeting with Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen, who provided detailed information about the university.