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New Media Leap from EMU Faculty of Communication

New Media Leap from EMU Faculty of Communication

A special discord server has been launced for the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication, Department of New Media and Journalism students, alumni and faculty members. The server, which is also open to the use of all EMU Faculty of Communication students, offers text, audio and video chat possibilities.

Those wishing to become a member of the said discord server established under the lead of Chair of New Media and Journalism Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy and with the initiative of academic staff member Dr. Engin Aluç are invited to enter from the internet browser of a computer or phone and fill out the relevant form. At the same time, new member accounts can be set up via the application downloaded to the mobile phone.

News About EMU Instantly on Your Mobile

After becoming a member of the EMU New Media and Journalism Department Discord server, users can view the notifications from the server by installing the application on their computers, tablets or phones. Turkish and English news sources on the server regularly send notifications to members regarding news headlines about EMU. With the addition of new channels on technology, media, art and computer games to the server in the coming days, members will have a richer content.

Multimedia Advantages

On the EMU New Media and Journalism Department Discord server, it is possible to use all the advantages of the integrated network, such as voice chat, text chat, video chat, setting up titles, game sharing, music sharing, and screen sharing. The server also offers many other alternatives, such as push-to-talk feature, microphone and speaker mute feature, camera on and off, and adding friends. You can access the EMU New Media and Journalism Department Discord server via  and become a member.

Projects will Continue

The first of the new projects of the EMU New Media and Journalism Department, the details of which will be announced in the coming days, is the YouTube channel. Informative videos about the department and the sector will be shared weekly on the channel. Another project will be realized under the title of Clubhouse Rooms. The department is preparing to host important guests on subjects including Journalism, Advertising, Cinema, Culture and Art in the chat rooms to be opened over the Clubhouse under the moderation of faculty members in the coming weeks. A detailed statement on the subject will be released in the coming days.