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Erhan Us, Head of the Social Media and Design Agency, Holds Conference at the EMU

A conference titled “Social Media and Marketing” was organized by Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Tourism Faculty and the Tourism Club operating under Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Social and Cultural Activities Directorate. Erhan Us, Head of the A. D. 1644 Worldwide Turkey Agency, delivered a talk at the conference which was held at the Tourism Faculty Conference Hall.

Speaking in front of a large group of students, Us underlined the fact that today social media is viewed more often and more carefully than newspapers and the printed press. Us also talked about topics like the importance of a target audience, the primary forms of advertising used in tourism, dead technologies, the usage of websites in hotel chains, popular channels of social media, real-time marketing, loss of potential customers, channels of eCommerce and SMS usage.

Erhan Us and Hasan Kılıç

At the end of the conference, Us was presented with a plaque of appreciation by the Dean of EMU Tourism Faculty, Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç.