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EMU’s New “Accounting and Financial Management” Program Ready for the Upcoming Semester

EMU’s New “Accounting and Financial Management” Program Ready for the Upcoming Semester

Improving the world-class education it offers as days pass, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) continues to incorporate new programs. EMU Business and Economics Faculty, Business Department’s latest addition, “Accounting and Financial Management” Undergraduate program, started student admissions for the upcoming semester. 

The field of accounting and finance has become a popular discipline all around the world and, its importance in the business world gradually increases. In today’s competitive world, the field of accounting and finance plays a vital role in the business world. Increase in the importance and popularity of the accounting and finance field created a need for qualified and well-versed graduates who have sufficient theoretical and practical backgrounds. 

The English-medium EMU Accounting and Financial Management Undergraduate Program aims to train students as experts in their fields during their four-year training process. In addition, the program aims to provide students with academic foundations, knowledge and skills to prepare them for a career that provides challenge and reward. In today’s global competitive environment, our program also aims to develop well-equipped, knowledgeable and creative graduates who have a very clear vision of the current theoretical and technical characteristics of the program. Other goals of our program include developing students for preparation of financial statements, analyzing and auditing the financial statements, reducing the cost of goods and services, managing costs and managing the funds effectively and efficiently for an organization in order to achieve its goals

Career Opportunities:
It is obvious that the need for educated, competent and expert personnel who can work in private and public institutions in this field, nationally and internationally, will be higher than ever. Graduates of the program will be able to take positions in financial reporting, financial analysis, costing, cost management, financial management as well as in general management positions in Accounting and Finance departments.

Accounting and Financial Management (B.S.)