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EMU Students Contribute to “Universal Day of Children’s Rights”

EMU Students Contribute to “Universal Day of Children’s Rights”

Another social responsibility project was organized by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Community Involvement Center. As part of the EMU Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Advertising Chair Assoc. Dr. Anıl Kemal Kaya’s Campaign Course, students Banu Çalışkanlar, Rumeysa Yıldırım, Mert Koç and Murat Şahin delivered a seminar about “Children’s Rights” along with Genesis IMC Agency students. The sponsorship of the seminar was provided by the Famagusta Municipality.

EMU Academic Staff and Social Service Specialist Barış Başel delivered a speech at the seminar which took place within the framework of “20 November Universal Day of Children’s Rights” at the Famagusta Development Academy in Maraş. The seminar was organized with the aim of emphasizing the significance of efficient communication between parents and children.  Parents from the Şehit Zeki Salih and Osman Ahmet Elementary Schools were present at the meeting.  

Barış Başel talked about children’s rights and child psychology, highlighting the importance of establishing strong bonds with children. Information about parent attitudes towards children was also provided during the seminar which lasted for one and half hours.  

At the end of the seminar, parents congratulated the EMU Communication Faculty for their social responsibility project.