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EMU Scientific Research Community Hosted World-Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Martha Stark

EMU Scientific Research Community Hosted World-Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Martha Stark

A webinar titled “Relentless Hope and Refusal to Grieve in Psychiatry” organized with the cooperation of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Scientific Research Community and, Social and Cultural Activities Directorate was held on 21 May 2021. Delivered by the clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School and award-winning author Dr. Martha Stark, the event took place at 21:00 via Microsoft Teams. Dr. Martha Stark provided information on endless hoping and grieving psychology.

In her 52-page presentation, Dr. Martha Stark informed the participants about the relentless hope and refusal to grieve, and shared practical examples. Reflecting that the desire to refuse to deal with the pain of grieving is not a healthy thought, Dr. Stark basically gave information about the process that patients went through. After her presentation, Dr. Stark answered the questions of the participants. The webinar hosting world-renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Stark can be viewed at The events organized by the EMU Scientific Research Community can also be watched on the EMUBAT Youtube channel at the link

Who is Dr. Martha Stark?

After completing her medical training at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Martha Stark specialized in “Adult Psychiatry” at Cambridge Health Alliance. Being an author of numerous academic articles published in many different psychiatric topics, Dr. Martha Stark is a Board Member of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institution. Dr. Stark is also the founder and CEO of SynergyMed for MindBodyHealth established with the aim of providing help to patients within the scope of Integrating Traditional and Nontraditional Solutions. Dr. Martha Stark worked in Harvard for 42 years and continues her practices in a medical clinic of her own.