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EMU Hosted 6th High Schools Music Festival

EMU Hosted 6th High Schools Music Festival

Eastern Mediterranean University’s 6th High School Festival took place at Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center with the participation of 9 high schools from different cities of Northern Cyprus, namely Erenköy High School, Namık Kemal High School, Polatpaşa High School, İskele Trade High School, 19 May Turkish Maarif College, Anadolu Fine Arts High School, Sedat Simavi Vocational High School, TED College and Güzelyurt Turkish Maarif College. 

The event which aims to develop students’ interest and love towards arts and music hosted 10-minute performances of the participating groups. At the end of the festival, participating high schools were presented plaques while the participating students received certificates.

Participants’ Comments

Hüseyin Kasap (Singer) – Akdoğan Polatpaşa High School

This is a very nice organisation in which we have been participating for the past four years. The day is full of excitement and entertainment. EMU is a highly developed university actively involved in activities as such.

Mürüde Gingi (Singer) – Kyrenia 19 May Turkish Maarif College

EMU is the best university in TRNC. I believe the festival is well-organised. I am happy to be here and performing on the stage gives us a different type of excitement. In this social environment, we also meet new friends from different places.

Ahmet Gültekin (Singer & Guitarist) – İskele Trade High School

This is my first time here and I am exteremely happy to represent my school in this organisation. I have been hearing good things about EMU. It has a high quality education system and that’s why I would like to study at the Music Teaching Program here. I thank all those who participated in this beautiful event.

Çağlar Çankaya (Singer & Guitarist) – Sedat Simavi Vocational High School

I had a lot of fun during the festival. I have never seen such a beautiful and well-equipped hall before. I am happy to be here and would like to study at EMU’s music program. I believe EMU is TRNC’s best university and I am proud to take part in this event.

Ajda Karamanoğlu (Singer) – Güzelyurt Turkish Maarif College

This is a well-organised festival attracting our attention towards arts and music. I think the best university in the TRNC is EMU. I would like to study at the translation and interpretation department.

Kayra Sururi (Guitarist & Vocal) - Nicosia Anadolu Fine Arts School

It is really exciting to see such festivals taking place in our country. We are happy to represent our school in this beautiful event.

Ali Tümer (Keyboard) – TED College

EMU is an international university and this event was one of the best events I have ever attended. Taking part in this festival was really exciting. I am happy to be here.

Günay Olkan (Percussionist) – Namık Kemal High School

We have been taking part in this festival for four years. The event gives us the opportunity to exhibit our talents. I would like to study at EMU’s Music Teaching Program.