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EMU Honors Members of Alumni on the 25th Anniversary of Their Graduation

EMU Honors Members of Alumni on the 25th Anniversary of Their Graduation

Organised by Eastern Mediterranean University Alumni Communications and Career Research Directorate (EMU - MİKA),  a honorary night for the members of alumni who have reached the 25th anniversary of their graduation took place at EMU Beach Club at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, 17 June 2017. Among those in attendance were Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özkaramanlı, Vice Rector for International Relations and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova, Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Muhammet Yaşar Özden, Vice Rector for Administrative and Technical Affairs Prof. Dr. Özgür Eren, Rector’s Coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Arif Akkeleş, Director of EMU -  MİKA Derviş Ekşici, around 80 graduates who have reached the 25th anniversary of their graduation, and about 25 academic staff members from their period of graduation. Commencing with the screening of EMU 2017 Promotional Video, the organisation continued with opening addresses.

Necdet Osam

In his opening address, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam stated that since the first day of its foundation, EMU has taken firm steps towards its targets in line with its mission and vision. Adding that today’s acievements are accomplished with the current and past efforts of the present and former administrations, Prof. Dr. Osam put forth that they work selflessly to take the university to further successes. Prof. Dr. Osam also highlighted how EMU invests on quality and added that the university boasts around 100 programs, almost all of which have gained the accreditation of reputable international organisations. At the end of his speech, Prof. Dr. Osam thanked all participating graduates and academicians for their attendance.

Erzat Erdil

Former Director of the Institute of Higher Technology Prof. Dr. Erzat Erdil also delivered a speech in which he provided information about the history of the university. Stating that the success of graduates is a good indicator of the success of an educational institution, Prof. Dr. Erdil added that Eastern Mediterranean University has become an important institution of higher education contributing to the community and country’s economy with over 1000 members of the academic staff. Prof. Dr. Erdil concluded his speech by stating his pleasure in observing the increasing number of EMU graduates working at senior positions all over the world.

Ekrem Soyşen

Following Prof. Dr. Erdil, EMU Alumni Association Chair Ekrem Soyşen expressed his happiness in being together with the graduates celebrating the 25th anniversary of their graduation. Providing information on the aims and targets of the association, Soyşen thanked EMU Rector’s Office and EMU MIKA for the organisation of the event. EMU Tourism and Hospitality Associate Program 1992 graduate and İstanbul UBC Global Textile Managing Partner Banu Üner also delivered a speech in which she thanked all academic staff of EMU who equipped them with high quality academic information in EMU.  

Mustafa Sofi

EMU Engineering Faculty, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department 1992 graduate and TRNC Civil Aviation Department Director Mustafa Sofi stated that 25 years have passed following their graduation and that they have benefitted from the information, skills and talents instilled to them by EMU during the course of  this period. Putting forth that it is due to EMU’s contributions that they have successful careers, Sofi expressed his best wishes to all members of EMU.

Candan Avunduk

EMU Business and Economics Faculty 1992 graduate, Cyprus Turkish Milk Producers’ Association Chair and Vice Chair of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry Candan Avunduk delivered a speech and stated that in 1986, EMU had five buildings and now, it has become one of the top institutions of higher education recognised both in Turkey and worldwide. Avunduk also thanked all academic staff for their devoted efforts in transforming them into successful professionals.

Banu Üner

Graduate of EMU and Director of Sabuncuoğlu PR Consultancy and Communication Agency Mahiye Sabuncuoğlu stated that EMU is an institution where they experienced the firsts in their lives. Highlighting the existing solidarity and friendship in EMU, Sabuncuoğlu thanked all academicians and event organisers for their contributions.

Following the speeches, gifts and medals were presented to academicians and graduates celebrating their 25th anniversary. Following a group photo, participants spent joyful moments with the live music performance of EMU students Latih Al-Shaikh, Zack Douamna and Behzad Heidarshinas.

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