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EMU HERA-C Organizes 8th Event of “Housing Talks” Series

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Architecture, Housing Education Research and Advisory Center (HERA-C) organized the 8th event of “Housing Talks” series at the Alpay Özdural Lecture Hall located in the Faculty of Architecture. Held within the framework of “Let’s Meet in the Kitchen” theme, the event focused on the different perspectives from various disciplines on residential kitchen spaces, highlighting the value and importance of kitchens in human life and within residences. Interior Architect Öykü Günalp who has done numerous research on kitchen spaces, EMU Faculty of Tourism academic staff member and award-winning Chef Pınar Barut and, one of the beloved members of Famagusta, successful baker and owner of Tatlı Hayat Coffee and Cake Fatime S. Dinç were among the invited participants of the event.

Expressing that kitchen is a home, a temple, a place for self-therapy and a gathering place for joyful moments, the participants underlined that the kitchen, whether residential, industrial or teaching kitchen, is the heart of the places. With an academic perspective, culinary educator and academic staff member Pınar Barut discussed how she defines and utilizes the kitchen with students from different cultures, on the other hand, Ceren Kürüm talked about the past and present of residential kitchen designs as well as the changes and developments in the way we use the kitchen. Baker and business owner Fatime S. Dinç shared her successful career journey which initially begun in a residential kitchen, later shifting to the setting of industrial kitchen. Moreover, Interior Architect Öykü Günalp provided insights into contemporary kitchen designs in residences and highlighted prominent design approaches.

In the event, the participants were presented with information on the history of Housing Education Research and Advisory Center (HERA-C) which was established back in 2006. A retrospective approach was used to present the past events and projects of the center. The participation of retired professors Nesil Baytın and Türkan Uraz who also chaired the center during their service time at our University, as well as faculty members Prof. Dr. Kağan Günçe and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar Uluçay Righelato, who have chaired the event since 2006, led to emotional moments. Chair of HERA-C Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar Uluçay Righelato, who moderated the event, and HERA-C Board Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamil Güley contributed to the successful realization of the event.

The Housing Education Research and Advisory Center (HERA-C), which has been producing information on housing and built environment, contributing to education, and participating in various academic, scientific, and social activities involving different sectors related to the field for 18 years since its establishment, aims to continue identifying national needs and issues and generating solutions accordingly to contribute to societal welfare.