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EMU Graduate Esther Obrasua Akobo Continues Her Successful Career in Nigeria

EMU Graduate Esther Obrasua Akobo Continues Her Successful Career in Nigeria

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department 2015 – 2016 Academic Year Spring Semester graduate Esther Obrasua Akobo continued her post-graduate study in EMU and graduated from EMU Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department Postgraduate Program with a high honor degree in 2017 – 2018 Academic Year Spring Semester. Following her graduation, Akobo started to work in her homeland, Nigeria. Akobo currently is working as a Project Engineer in an important company entitled Pulse Engineering and Consulting Limited which operates in Pipeline Integrity Management Operations and Non-Destructive Testing at the sites of HABTOB Global Ventures Limited.

“EMU Prepared Me for My Future Life”

Proudly mentioning her time in EMU, Akobo said: “EMU was my home for 6 years. After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to continue my post-graduate study in EMU as well. I am very proud for having the chance to be taught by academic staff members who are experts in their fields of study. My teachers guided me through my journey which resulted in me being enhancing my interactive, managerial, innovativeness and systematical skills”.

While talking about the influence and advantages she has had during her career as a result of the training she had received in EMU, Akobo continued her words with: “I have gained precious lessons on life, abilities, career and friendships during my time in EMU. This helped me in obtaining better interaction with my field of study as well as my colleagues who work in the same field. EMU prepared me for my future life in many respects. Apart from the advantages I received from being an EMU graduate, I also experienced influence of EMU, a university that has high rankings in world university rankings, and it has positively reflected to my professional career.

I would like to make some suggestions for my young fellow friends who are studying in EMU. EMU provides you a very good foundation ranging from your academic studies to social interactions. Make sure you benefit from it.”