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EMU-FLEPS Organizes Event to Raise Bicycle Awareness

EMU-FLEPS Organizes Event to Raise Bicycle Awareness

Within the scope of their social responsibility projects, Eastern Mediterranean University Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (EMU-FLEPS) organized an event with “The Biking Club” comprised of elementary level students to raise awareness about cycling. The said event took place on Friday, the 13th of December 2019. EMU-FLEPS students and academicians stopped at the EMU and Famagusta roundabouts to draw attention to the fact that bicycles are a part of traffic too. Brochures on increasing the usage of bicycles were handed out and slogans chanted.   

Positive Feedback from the Community

Members of “The Biking Club” received positive feedback from the community during their 10 kilometer ride. In the Famagusta Old City, the team chanted slogans such as “More bicycles, less cars” and received support from the shopkeepers. After the colorful and enjoyable event, “The Biking Club” members stated that they are going start working on establishing a club to operate under the EMU Social and Cultural Activities Directorate in order to be able organize events that can be attended by larger numbers of people.

Mayor Arter will be Visited

The Biking Club’s second event to raise awareness will be taking place on Friday, the 27th of December 2019. During their ride, a visit will be carried out to Famagusta Mayor İsmail Arter. Mayor Arter will be relayed problems faced by the cyclists who will also suggest solutions to these problems.