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EMU Education Faculty Hosted Prof. Dr. Ayhan Aydın

EMU Education Faculty Hosted Prof. Dr. Ayhan Aydın

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Aydin, lecturer at the Education Faculty of the Eskisehir Osmangazi University was invited to EMU to give a talk at the 4th International Career Week. Prof. Dr. Aydın gave important advice to the students of the Education Faculty with his speech titled “Motivation and Leadership”.

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Aydın started his speech by stating that education requires ‘wonder, interest and surprise’ and that wisdom allows individuals to view life like a child, with wonder. Prof. Dr. Aydın stated that like Socrates, a wise human has immortality and living on their mind. Likening students to cherry blossoms and stating that cherry blossoms later turn into frozen cherries Prof. Dr. Aydın underlined the fact that life is full of difficulties and noted that being able to deal with these difficulties is an important leadership skill. Likening the world to a giant blue orange in infinite darkness Prof. Dr. Aydın stated that life is a gift given to people and noted that people should live their life with love and respect. Stating that attention brings intelligence, and signalling that attention is at the core of life Prof. Dr. Aydın also underlined the fact that education is “breathing”, “never backing down” and “always moving forward”.

The talk contained life advice like ‘set goals’,  ‘help those in need’, ‘don’t lose the naughty child within’, ‘know how to get on well with those who are different than you’, ‘learn to forgive’, and ‘have a few but real friends’. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Aydın also advised the aspiring teachers to never give up on their career goals, to be brave, to trust in themselves and to speak with their heart.

After the talk, Dean of EMU Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam presented Prof. Dr. Ayhan Aydın a plaque of gratitude.