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EMU Education Faculty Awarded Certificates to Successful Students

EMU Education Faculty Awarded Certificates to Successful Students

Eastern Mediterranean University Education Faculty, Foreign Languages Education Department organized a certificate ceremony for honor and high honor students.

Having taken place with the participation of undergraduate and postgraduate students, the ceremony had academic and administrative staff members in attendance. At the ceremony opening, EMU Foreign Languages Education Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Javanshir Shibliyev thanked all those who contributed to the organization of the ceremony as well as those in attendance for their participation.  In his address, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shibliyev stated that their ongoing support is always at students’ service and that each and every member of the department have been working selflessly to contribute to their success. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shibliyev concluded his address by stating that they are always proud of their students.

Following Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shibliyev’s address, EMU Education Faculty Dean and academic staff member of the Foreign Languages Department Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam also delivered a speech in which she highlighted the importance of academic success and certificates. Expressing her hope that organisations as such act as a source of inspiration for other students, Prof. Dr. Vancı Osam concluded her speech by inviting all students to work towards successful achievements.

After the presentation of the certificates to students, a group photo was taken.