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EMU Commemorates Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

EMU Commemorates Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) held a Commemoration Ceremony in front of the EMU Atatürk Monument on Wednesday, 10 November, 2021, at 08:45, on the occasion of the 83rd anniversary of the passing of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın, Vice Rectors, Academic and Administrative Staff and students attended the ceremony held with the organization of EMU Atatürk Research and Application Center (EMU-ATAUM). Within the scope of the program, a wreath was laid on the Atatürk Monument by EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın. Then, 10 November Statement was read by EMU-ATAUM Chair Assist. Prof. Dr. Turgay Bülent Göktürk.

“The Ataturkist Thought System Stands Tall”

In his statement, Assist. Prof. Dr. Göktürk said : “The savior of the Turkish Nation and the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Great Leader Atatürk, accomplished great things in his short life of fifty-seven years, beyond the possibility of a mortal person, with the epic of the War of Independence, the miracle of Turkey and countless revolutions he created and is a unique figure in the world history, still maintaining his reputation to date. In the dark days of the First World War, he rose in Çanakkale as a national hero to the Turkish Nation and a beacon of hope to the other world nations under captivity. By uniting the Turkish nation into a single force in midst of poverty, he became the winner of the War of Independence and the leader of the torch of freedom in the world. Despite all these difficulties, he established a modern republic on the homeland which was burnt and destroyed, and by establishing good relations with the nations he fought as enemies in a short time, he made the Republic of Turkey a state respected by everyone in the world. In addition, he realized the reforms that formed the foundations of modernization by working together with his nation. Ataturk neither pursued vain dreams nor believed in unrealizable goals. The great leader took all his inspiration from the facts of science and reason, and created his system of thought by experiencing it in life himself. Whilst the ideologies for which millions of people were dragged to death are buried in the darkness of history, the Kemalist Thought System is still standing tall and will continue to guide the Turkish Nation in the future, too.

The Turkish Cypriot community, whose members are an indispensable part of this nation, also saw Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as a savior and followed his steps. In this scope, Turkish Cypriots adopted the reform movements that Atatürk put into practice in the Republic of Turkey simultaneously, without any coercion. Together with the free and independent Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which was established 38 years ago, the Turkish Cypriot community has shown at every opportunity that it is determined to keep Atatürk's principles and reforms alive forever. The most evident example of this took place exactly 56 years ago, on 10 November, 1965, the Famagusta Sanjak Police Station Mujahideen sent a message to the Famagusta Sanjak from their trenches; “You as our Great Leader taught Turks about struggle and freedom. We are fighting for our freedom in Cyprus inspired by you. As Karakol Mujahideen, we will follow in your footsteps and teach our enemies what it means to fight the Turks. We find this strength and power in the noble blood in our veins. How happy is the one who says I am a Turk…”

Great Atatürk,
You will live forever in the hearts and thoughts of the Turkish Nation with the legacy you have entrusted to us and with your ideas the value of which we understand more deeply each passing day. With these feelings and thoughts, on the 83rd anniversary of his passing, we respectfully commemorate the Great Leader Atatürk with love and longing.”

After the statement, the ceremony continued with a moment of silence and the National Anthem, accompanied by sirens, at 09:05 a.m..

“We Commemorate Atatürk with Great Longing”

In his speech, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın said “On the 83rd anniversary of the demise of Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, we have come together to commemorate him with respect and express our gratitude to his legacy. In order to save the occupied Turkey, on 19 May, 1919, Atatürk went to Samsun with his comrades, where he lit the torch of the National Struggle with the Turkish people. The young and old, men and women, the whole nation united, and saved the country from the enemy with great sacrifices, in the face of poverty and impossibilities, and established the modern Republic of Turkey. Addressing the students in his message, Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Hocanın said, "I would like to remind you the famous statement of Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: 'To see me does not necessarily mean to see my face. If you understand and feel my ideas and my feelings, that is enough.’ You are the future of our countries. Understanding Mustafa Kemal Atatürk well and walking towards the future he showed us means walking towards a modern, contemporary and peaceful future.” Emphasizing that Atatürk's greatest feature was always being together with the Turkish people, Prof. Dr. Hocanın said, “Even though he is not with us physically right now, he is with us with his ideas and thoughts and will remain with us forever. We will continue to keep Atatürk's ideas alive and pass them on to the next generations. We commemorate with respect, love and great longing the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who devoted his entire life to the future of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish People. May his soul rest in peace,".

After the speeches, in the scope of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk commemoration program, a music concert was performed by the choir consisting of EMU Education Faculty, Fine Arts Education Department, Music Teaching Program students. At 09:30, the Atatürk Photography Exhibition was opened in the Lobby of the Central Classrooms Building. The exhibition attracted great attention and participation.