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EMU-Ataum President Asst. Prof. Dr. Göktürk Releases a Statement on The Anniversary of Atatürk’s Death

EMU-Ataum President Asst. Prof. Dr. Göktürk Releases a Statement on The Anniversary of Atatürk’s Death

Eastern Mediterranean University Atatürk Research and Application Centre (EMU-ATAUM) President Asst. Prof. Dr. Turgay Bülent Göktürk released a statement to commemorate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the 81st anniversary of his death. The statement reads as follows:

As a result of the War of Independence, Turkey’s miracle and his numerous reforms, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is one of the most outstanding historical figures. As the saviour of the Turkish nation and the founder of the Republic of Turkey, in his short life of 57 years Atatürk has accomplished more than what is regarded possible for any mortal. In the dark days of the First World War, he became a national hero for the Turkish Nation and a ray of hope for other nations under captivity. Despite great poverty and hardship, he started the National Struggle to save his nation that was trying to be destroyed and became a symbol of independence after victory was obtained by pulling the nation together.

On his burned and devastated homeland he established a modern republic and quickly formed good relations with nations he had previously fought against. The Republic of Turkey became a well- respected state across the world. Atatürk also worked hand in hand with the people in order to carry out the reforms that would establish the foundations of modernization. Atatürk didn’t peruse impossible dreams. The great leader obtained all of his inspiration from scientific truths. Whilst ideologies that led to death of millions have been buried in the dark pages of history, Atatürk’s System of Thought is alive and well. It continues to be a guide for the Turkish Nation.

The Turkish Cypriot community is an indispensable part of this Nation which sees Atatürk as a saviour and continues to move forward in line with his system of thought. The Turkish Cypriot community accepted the reforms made in the Republic of Turkey immediately and with the free and independent Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus established 36 years ago, they continue to show their determination to eternize the reforms at every possible opportunity. 

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Great Atatürk,

Your work and thoughts that we understand a little better every day, will forever live in the heart of the Turkish Nation.

Once again we commemorate the Great Leader Atatürk on the 81st anniversary of his passing with respect, longing and gratitude.