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EMU Architecture Department Analyses Famagusta's Problems with Students of Istanbul Technical University

EMU Architecture Department Analyses Famagusta's Problems with Students of Istanbul Technical University

Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Department hosted another interesting workshop organised in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University Urban Planning Department. The workshop was held as part of the 3rd year project entitled “Regional Analysis and Developmental Scenarios” to be delivered by Istanbul University Urban Planning Department academic staff member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kerem Koramaz during the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

The panels held within the framework of the workshop received considerable interest from over 100 students and 10 faculty members from Istanbul Technical University. During his opening address, EMU Architecture Department Chair Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek expressed his department’s happiness in hosting such a meaningful event. Talking about the multicultural structure of Famagusta as a city, Prof. Dr. Dinçyürek also provided information about the city’s developmental process.

The first speaker, EMU Architecture Department academic staff member Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı gave detailed information about Famagusta’s history. Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı also put forth that the city has a shattered past as well as a hopeful future with prospective developments.

Chair of the Urban Planners Chamber Dr. Can Kara started his speech with the lack of spatial planning. Talking about the importance of a sustainable spatial planning, Dr. Kara provided information on urban planning within the TRNC. TRNC Chamber of Architectures Chair Azmi Öge expressed his happiness in taking part in this collaborative event and added that in effective urban development, awareness-raising and responsibility are the two important factors.

As one of the founders of the Famagusta Initiative, Dr. Okan Dağlı stated that Famagusta needs to be perceived as a city formed by Engomi, Salamis, Walled City and Maraş. Dağlı also talked about the benefits of converting the city to a seaport and returning the closed Maraş region to its original owners.

Professional architect Esra Can Akbil and Dr. Münevver  Özgür Özersay talked about the work carried out within the framework of ‘Hands on Famagusta’ project. Sharing important information on the ecological structure of Famagusta, Akbil suggested that through the power of design, infrastructural city problems may be overcome.

As one of the key names in “Famagusta Eco City” project, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ceren Boğaç stated that the most important element in city planning is the humans. Finally, Urban Planning expert and Landscaping Architect Defne Feridun Kara and Professional Architect Ali Sarıyel gave information on the successful projects carried out within the operations of Famagusta Municipality.

At his closing address, Chair of EMU Architecture Department Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek asked students to be more sensitive in the field of urban planning to leave a more sustainable environment for future generations.