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Cumhuriyet Online Editor-in-Chief Delivers a Talk in EMU

Cumhuriyet Online Editor-in-Chief Delivers a Talk in EMU

Eastern Mediterranean University, Communication Faculty, New Media and Journalism Department hosted a talk on “Print Media-Bound Internet Journalism” by Cumhuriyet Daily Online Editor-in-Chief Oğuz Güven. Delivering the opening address of the event, EMU Communication Faculty, New Media and Journalism Department Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurten Kara expressed the department’s pleasure in hosting Oğuz Güven at EMU for the second time. In a speech of his own, Oğuz Güven expressed his happiness in being in EMU and thanked EMU Communication Faculty for the invitation.

“Journalism does not Change”

At the beginning of his talk, Oğuz Güven stated that regardless of the location it takes place, journalism will not change. Oğuz Güven added that there is no such thing as “Internet Journalism”. There is journalism. Even though the fact that the internet has changed the current working conditions, journalism prevails as it ensures the flow of accurate information. Güven also added that through the internet, the citizen journalism has come forward in the field of new media.

Güven put forth that citizens can now instantly inform everyone about an incident through social media. Along with its advantages, this also leads to the flow of inaccurate information. The importance of journalism surfaces right at that moment. We are in a continuous fight against the uninterrupted provision of inaccurate news.

“The Rate of Reading Online News Has Decreased”

Stating that people now choose to express their views, Güven added that the readers are actively involved in news appearing in digital dimension. Güven  also touched upon the surprising decrease in the rate of reading online news, which is considered to be 50% now.  Güven concluded his talk by stating that reading news is closely connected with education and culture. For example, a hot topic which may last for a year in Europe may lose its importance within two hours in our region. The talk ended with a question-answer session and a group photo.