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30th EURHODIP Conference Hosted By EMU Faculty of Tourism was at The Spotlight

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Tourism achieved significant success by hosting the 30th European Hotel and Tourism Schools Association (EURHODIP) Conference. The conference, held under the theme "Sustainability and Innovation in Tourism and Gastronomy," attracting participants from 16 different countries.

Throughout the conference, student competitions were organized in four different categories: Food and Beverage Management, Tourism Management, Marketing Management, and Culinary Arts. Various interesting academic and practical activities were also conducted. Distinguished speakers and guests from the tourism and hospitality industry, researchers, tourism educators, students, and industry professionals came together during the conference to share their experiences.

EURHODIP Executive Board, Administrative Board, and General Assembly meetings were held within the scope of the conference. Moreover, keynote speakers who enriched the conference's content included experts in the field such as Pascal Strauss, Prof. Dr. Beverley Wilson-Wünsch, Prof. Dr. Gabriel Laeis, and Prof. Dr. Babak Taheri.

30th EURHODIP Conference Hosted By EMU Faculty of Tourism was at The Spotlight

A total of 9 papers were presented at the 30th EURHODIP Conference. The theme of the conference, "Sustainability and Innovation in Tourism and Gastronomy," provided an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the industry and future visions.EURHODIP is an international association representing over 120 schools from more than 30 countries worldwide, supporting education in the tourism and hospitality sector. For over 40 years, passionate individuals from various fields have contributed to EURHODIP by combining their cultures and expertise.

Prof. Dr. Ali Öztüren, Dean of the EMU Faculty of Tourism, expressed pride in hosting this year's conference as a full member of EURHODIP. He highlighted that the success of the conference was ensured by leveraging the experience and capacity of the EMU Faculty of Tourism, extending his deepest thanks to the academic and administrative staff involved in the conference organization, as well as to EMU and the stakeholders of the city of Famagusta.

Participation in the conference provides an opportunity for students from EURHODIP member institutions to enhance their skills, experience different cultures, and engage in knowledge-sharing. EURHODIP competitions, held as part of the conference, are events where students test their skills and talents. Competitions in four areas, namely Food and Beverage Management, Culinary Arts, Tourism Management, and Marketing Management, have encouraged the exchange of experience, knowledge, and innovation.

The conference has achieved great success by bringing together many individuals with the aim of sharing the most up-to-date information in education and tourism, and strengthening ties in the industry. Prof. Dr. Ali Öztüren, Dean of the EMU Faculty of Tourism, stated that the event facilitated the sharing of the latest information in the tourism and hospitality industry and discussions on future projects, emphasizing that hosting many individuals who came together to strengthen industry connections was a significant achievement.