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EMU’s Free Bus Service is Available from the 23rd of September

EMU’s Free Bus Service is Available from the 23rd of September

Last year the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) announced to the public that as a result of the fluctuation in the foreign exchange market one of the precautions taken by the university was to provide all students with free transportation. The free bus service is also going to be available in the new academic year.

By expanding the free bus service that has been provided within Famagusta for years, EMU aims for more students to make use of its transportation services. This year Karpaz has been added to the destinations covered by the EMU bus service. During the 2019-2020 Academic Year, EMU will be providing students free buses to Nicosia, Kyrenia, İskele and Karpaz from the 23rd of September 2019.

Applications Commence on the 19th of September

Students who want to make use of the bus service need to apply from their student portals from the 19th of September 2019. Applications will continue until the 30th of September 2019. Students can collect their bus passes from the Registrar’s Office 3 days after submitting their applications. Further information can be obtained from the student portal.