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EMU Pandemic Board Provides In-Service Training for Administrative Staff

EMU continues to host in-service training sessions planned to be held in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. In line with the needs of the Administrative Services Staff and in scope the COVID-19 measures,  an in-service training session titled the “COVID 19 Pandemic Prevention & Control Measures”, planned by the EMU Rector’s Office and organized by the Directorate of Human Resources, In-Service Training Unit, took place between 21 September  and 8 October 2021. 524 members of staff working in various units of EMU attended the training in 10 groups. The training was delivered by Faculty of Pharmacy academic staff member and Chair of the Pandemic Board Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet İlktaç.

In scope of the training, the transmission methods of COVID-19, ways of protection from the disease, the use of appropriate personal protective equipment, the importance of cleaning and disinfection, the requirements that must be followed by all individuals receiving or providing services on campus were covered. In addition to complying with protective measures, Assist. Prof. Dr. İlktaç stated that the EMU Pandemic Board will continue its training activities to ensure that both students and staff are safeguarded against the pandemic.

In a statement made by the EMU Human Resources Directorate In-Service Training Unit, it was stated that “Our university always demonstrates its mission of being a constant follower of change and development with the special attention and importance it attaches to the development and training of the employees.”