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History, Deontology and Ethics of Dentistry (DENT101)

Introduction to history of medicine, prehistorical period, medicine in Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian civilizations, medicine in ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations, medicine in ancient Greek civilization, Roman medicine, medicine in the medieval period, medicine in renaissance, medicine in the 17th and 18th century (the age of measurement and the age of theories), Islamic medicine, Seljukian medicine, Ottoman medicine and medical education in the Ottoman civilization, modernization of medical education in the Ottoman empire, medicine and dentistry in the ottoman empire, introduction to dental deontology and ethics, basic concepts in biomedical ethics, principles of biomedical ethics, basic issues in medical ethics (abortion, euthanasia, organ transplantation), dentist - patient relationship, informed consent, the legal responsibility of the dentist, the penal responsibility of the dentist, patient rights, medical confidentiality and the right to privacy, specific issues in dental ethics, advertisement in dentistry and ethics, ethical dilemmas in dental interventions for aesthetic purposes.

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