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Digital Logic Design (CMPE223)

Binary Systems (Binary Numbers, Octal and Hexadecimal Numbers, Number Base Conversions, Complements, Signed Binary Numbers, Binary Codes, Binary Logic). Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates (Basic Definitions, Basic Properties of Boolean Algebra, Boolean Functions, Canonical and Standard Forms, Other Logic Operations, Digital Logic Gates, ICs). Simplification of Boolean Functions (The Map Method, Two, Three and Four Variable maps, Product of Sums Simplification, NAND and NOR Implementation, Other Two-Level Implementations, Don't-Care Condition). Combinational Logic (Design Procedure, Adders, Subtractors, Code Conversion, Multilevel NAND Circuits, Multilevel NOR Circuits, Exclusive-OR Functions). MSI and PLD Components (Binary Adder and Subtractor, Decimal Adder, Decoders and Encoders, Multiplexers, PLA and PAL). Synchronous Sequential logic, flip-flops, analysis of timed sequential circuits. Design procedure, state reduction, state assignment and flip-flop activation tables.(Pre-requisite: MATH163)

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