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Microprocessors (BLGM323)

Introduction to computing: Inside the computer, CPU-RAM-ROM. 80x86 microprocessor: short history, registers, mov and add instructions, program segments, data segments, logical and physical addresses, stack, push, pop, flag register, addressing modes. Assembly Language Programming: Directives, .asm, .lst, .obj, .map, linking, and .exe files, control transfer instructions, data types and data definition. Arithmetic Logic Instructions: unsigned multiplication and division, unsigned, signed, bcd, packed-bcd and ascii number conversion, rotate and shift instructions. Bios and DOS programming: bios display and keyboard interrupts, int 21h dos function calls. Macro definitions: mouse button and cursor position. 8088 PC/XT expansion slot, 80286 and the ISA bus, Memory and memory interfacing: EPROM, SRAM and DRAM devices, address decoding circuits, ISA bus memory interfacing. Memory mapped and Isolated I/O methods and device interfacing: ISA bus I/O address decoding and simple I/O ports, Programmable 4 Peripheral Interface 8255 and LED, 7-segment-display, switch, button, keypad, stepper motor interfacing. D/A converters, A/D converters. Hardware Interrupts: NMI and INTR pins, interrupt servicing and TSR programs. Serial Data Communication and 8251 USART.

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