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2nd Gülsin Onay Piano Festival

2nd Gülsin Onay Piano Festival


In scope of the cooperation between the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and Cyprus Polyphonic Choirs Association, the 2nd Gülsin Onay Piano Festival, to be held in memory of Turkish Pianist Verda Erman, will take place on 5-6-7 October 2021. The event will include competitions, festivals, panels, concerts and Gülsin Onay workshops. The festival will end on Thursday evening, 7 October, 2021 with the closing concert of pianist Gülsin Onay with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Presidential Symphony Orchestra at EMU Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center.

It will Contribute to the Cultural Life of Our Country

In a statement made by EMU on the subject, it was stated that the piano festival, which will be held for the second time in the TRNC, will contribute to the cultural life of our country and the city of Famagusta. The statement also put forth that amateur pianists of all ages who take piano training will also be offered the opportunity to take the stage. The festival aims to enable amateur pianists to exhibit their skills, to increase their repertoire development by listening to other pianists, and to evaluate their competence in academic and artistic perspectives. Pianist Atakan Sarı will also give an online concert as part of the festival.

During the festival, which will end with the live closing concert of the famous pianist Gülsin Onay, many pianists and piano instructors from Turkey and Cyprus will serve as jury. Competition and festival presentations will be held online, and Gülsin Onay workshops will be held face-to-face in accordance with the pandemic rules. The festival will be organized by Pianist Atakan Sarı, Cyprus Polyphonic Choirs Association Choir Conductors Erkan Dağlı and Rana Uluçay, and Executive Board Member Esra Uluçaylı.

Those wishing to participate in the festival and take part in the events can apply via the link  or the e-mail address