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EMU Senior Instructor Boğaç Becomes a Script Consultant for the Film “Müstakbel Aile”

EMU Senior Instructor Boğaç Becomes a Script Consultant for the Film “Müstakbel Aile”

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Communication Faculty, Department of Cinema and Television senior instructor Barçın Boğaç acted as a script consultant for producer, director, actor and presenter İlker Ayrık’s film “Müstakbel Aile”. Filming is currently continuing in Cyprus. The new film of one of Turkey’s most prestigious production companies Pervasız Yapım features famous names such as İlker Ayrık, Erdal Özyağcılar, Zerrin Tekindor, Aslıhan Gürbüz and Demet Evgar. The film will be in theatres in Cyprus, Turkey, Holland, France, England, Azerbaijan and numerous other countries on the 14th of February.

It Will Reflect the Beauty of Cyprus

The filming of “Müstakbel Aile” is continuing in numerous locations in Cyprus. In the film, İlker Ayrık plays the role of the groom whose path leads him to North Cyprus after falling in love with a Cypriot girl. Müstakbel Aile focuses on the comical relationship between the groom and his father-in-law and aims to include Cypriot culture and the beauty of Cyprus. The team of production company Pervasız Yapım used the expertise of script consultant Barçın Boğaç to accurately reflect the fabric of Cyprus. In a statement İlker Ayrık and the Pervasız Yapım team indicated that they love all aspects of Cyprus, that they see this as an opportunity to reflect true Cypriot culture and that they are very happy to be making a film on the island.

 “It Will Contribute to the Promotion of the Country”

Barçın Boğaç expressed his belief that the film will make important contributions to tourism on the island by promoting its culture: “When one of the scriptwriters Serhat Sarı first sent me the film’s script in the summer I became a part of the team because I thought that it is going to be a unique project. It is a very successful script made with great attention. It is my opinion that the characters, their relationships and the themes examined will be positively received.”

Indicating that the experience of the production crew brought the film to a whole other level Boğaç stated: “Being on set and watching professionals such as İlker Ayrık and Erdal Özyağcılar who have devoted their lives to cinema was an extremely enjoyable experience”.

Indicating that top quality gear and equipment were used to present Cyprus’s geographical beauty without skipping any detail Barçın Boğaç continued: “During my conversations with director İlker Ayrık and scriptwriter Serhat Sarı they indicated that Cyprus’s natural, historical and cultural beauty will be at the forefront of the film, especially during outdoor scenes. They noted that the latest technology and camera equipment will be used to capture the beauty in manner not done before.”

 “I Would Recommend that you don’t Miss it!”

 Also relaying his experiences from set Boğaç stated: “The visual presentation adds a great deal to the content of the film. İlker Ayrık deserves admiration for doing a lot more than just sitting on the director’s chair. With great energy, Ayrık examined every corner of the set and his communication and direction were also worthy of commendation. He examines every scene and doesn’t make compromises when it comes to obtaining the best results. The film will be premiered on the 14th of February 2020. I recommend that you don’t miss it!”

Boğaç thanked Pervasız Yapım and the scriptwriters Serhat Sarı and M. Serdar Fırat for including him in this project. Boğaç has previously worked in many national and international cinema and film productions. Last year, Boğaç worked with producer Polly Fryer and director Justin Hawkes in the documentary series project of Razor Films which is one of New Zealand’s most prestigious production companies. That year, Boğaç was also part of the same crew with Italian journalist and documentary film makers Gilberto Mastromatteo and Massimo Lauria for a documentary project being made for RSI Swiss. Since 2016, Boğaç has been working as a senior instructor at the EMU Communication Faculty, Department of Cinema and Television.