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EMU Academic Staff Member Barçın Boğaç Directs EU Public Service Film Project

EMU Academic Staff Member Barçın Boğaç Directs EU Public Service Film Project

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication, Department of Cinema and Television academic staff member Barçın Boğaç directed a “Volunteering” themed public service project run by the Famagusta Culture Association. Within the scope of the LEAD (Learn, Experience, Apply and Develop) Project, the European Union public service project which emphasizes the individual and social importance of volunteering and, aims to create an awareness and behavior change in the society, met with the audience through local television channels and social media accounts. The scriptwriting and directing of the project was done by the Cypriot director and academic staff member Barçın Boğaç. EMU Department of Cinema and Television students participated in both casting and production team. Many “volunteer” people also contributed and supported the production process of the project.

A Full Experience on “Volunteering”

While writing the script of the public service film, Boğaç mentioned that most of the people can neglect both themselves and the values in the environment they live in, especially in the hustle and routine of daily life, and added his words: “We should sometimes get away from the intensity and routine of the daily life, listen to ourselves, then our surroundings and those around us. Receive love and give love”. Stating that he believes that the individual, in particular, and a society in general, can only achieve a healthy and happy existence in this way, Boğaç explained, “Participating in volunteer activities is one of the most effective methods that nourish our soul in this direction”.

As Boğaç continued his speech, he stated that; “we should approach every phenomenon that lives with us, from the sea we swim, the street we walk to, the city we live in as much as the people and animals around us, and we can contribute to our peace of mind by participating in voluntary activities without waiting for a benefit, and we can also make things beautiful in our lives. Within this respect, everyone who participated in the public service announcements contributed to the film with complete devotion, harmony and joy”.

“First Public Service Ad to be shoot with Hyperlapse Technique”

By stating that public service announcement being important not only because of their contents but also with their production processes, Barçın Boğaç indicated that the project film is the first public service film to be shoot with the Hyperlapse technique in Cyprus. Being a lecturer of courses such as “Fundamentals of Lighting”, “Audio Production”, “Creative Video”, “Creative Montage” in EMU Cinema and Television Department, Boğaç stated that many production and post-production techniques such as time-lapse and masking are also used in the film. 19 different locations were used during the film-making process in order to ensure the visual richness. 16 individuals played a part in the film and 28 people participated in filming crew. The filming process provided a huge experience in various aspects for the students.