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EMU Cinema Club Visits the Film Set of “Müstakbel Damat”

EMU Cinema Club Visits the Film Set of “Müstakbel Damat”

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Cinema Club and Communication Faculty, Department Cinema and Television students visited the film set of “Müstakbel Damat” along with Senior Instructor and Cinema Club instructor Barçın Boğaç. The film is produced by Pervasız Yapım and directed by İlker Ayrık.

Filming for “Müstakbel Damat” has been continuing in Cyprus for some time. During their visit to the film set, EMU students gained the opportunity to meet with well-known names from the cinema industry such as director and film lead İlker Ayrık, producer and scriptwriter Serhat Sarı, line producer İsmail Çağlar and actor Erdal Özyağcılar.

Boğaç who is a script consultant for “Müstakbel Damat” highlighted that the change in syllabus of the Department of Cinema and Television which brought practice courses to the forefront has allowed students to improve in many fields such as pre-production, production and post production. Boğaç continued to state: “Students of our faculty and department gain the opportunity to practice what they have learned theoretically in different fields of the media sector. By being present on the set of Müstakbel Damat our students gained the opportunity to observe what they have learned in courses on sound production, the fundamentals of light, cinema production and direction, cinematography etc… in the environment of a professional set.”

Boğaç and the EMU students thanked İlker Ayrık, Serhat Sarı and the Pervasız Yapım crew for their close attention and hospitality as well as for providing them with the opportunity to be on the set. EMU students had the following to say about their time on the set of Müstakbel Damat:

Süleyman Akdeniz: It felt like a privilege to be provided with such an opportunity as cinema and television students. We were very lucky to be on the set of such a professional crew. I hadn’t imagined that we would be entering such a professional working environment in terms of lighting systems, cameras, microphones, cast and crew.

Samet Yıldız: On the set, I admiringly watched everyone racing against time in a coherent manner. This is not easy. If there were 50 people on set all 50 of them had a separate role. Seeing everyone carry out their job well in the chaotic environment was incredible. Once again I understood that working in cinema requires the exertion of great effort.

Merve Ekici: It was an unbelievable experience to be on İlker Ayrık’s film set as the first film set I have ever been on.  Being on set is more difficulty and tiring that it may seem. Everyone studying in our department should have such an experience before graduation.

Alara Bircan: As Cinema students in Cyprus we don’t often have the opportunity to be on a film set. We thank our instructor Barçın Boğaç for providing us with this opportunity.

Halil Efe Akdemir: It was a very exciting and educational experience to be on a film set for us Cinema and Television students.

Deniz Çetin: This is our first experience on a film set as cinema and television students. We don’t always have the opportunity to participate in events that allow us to gain an advantage in the sector. I can’t wait for other activities organized by the Cinema Club.

Recep Akın: This was an unbelievable experience for me. It was a great feeling to be in the field with professionals. As a cinema and television student I feel privileged to be on a film set.

Oğuzhan Pehlivan: This was one of the most serious set experiences that I have had. It was impressive to see that everything was managed immaculately at an unbelievable pace.

Selim Can Harbiyeci: This was a great experience that allowed us to better understand the sector. We learned a lot. I can say that the pieces of the puzzle fell into place after being on set.