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EMU Mechanical Engineering Department to Represent EMU in Electromobile 2018 Competition

EMU Mechanical Engineering Department to Represent EMU in Electromobile 2018 Competition

Eastern Mediterranean University Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department will be representing Eastern Mediterranean University with “Mediterranean Shark” vehicle at TÜBİTAK’s Electro mobile 2018 competition. The “Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” competition will take place at Kocaeli Gulf Race Track   between 6 and 12 August 2018 Turkey.

As the only participating institution from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University will take part in the electro mobile and autonomous categories of the said competition with team “ADA” and “Mediterranean Shark” vehicle.

Entirely Developed in EMU

Taking place under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Davut Solyalı, EMU Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department Vice Chair and Mechatronics Program Coordinator, the “Mediterranean Shark” project has been carried out by a team of local and international postgraduate students. “Mediterranean Shark” project has been developed in EMU’s laboratories and only through the university’s own means.

During 2017 competitions, Mechanical Engineering Department took part in the event with Z-ZERO electric car and came 20th amongst 74 participating teams in the performance rankings. The said project also received Mechatronics Design award for its mechanical and electronic design, engineering work and localisation.

In its 14th year, TÜBİTAK is expanding the Challenge to include “Autonomous Category” to ongoing electric vehicles competition. This will raise awareness in driverless vehicle technologies among the university students from multiple including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer engineering. At the same time, it will help train engineers with technical knowledge and practical competence in the technology.

EMU -  The Only Representative of TRNC

In his own speech, project coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Davut Solyalı touched on the increase in the number of partcipant universities compared to the previous years by stating that this year’s participant number has reached 86. With Morocco, Kenya, Iran, Hungary and Pakistan joining to the competition for the first time, the only representative from TRNC will be EMU. Solyalı also mentioned that with this new cooperative project between Electronic Vehichles Development Center and Department of Mechanical Engineering, their main goal is to develop a totally local and new vehicle. In this sense, all the necessary technologies are provided by EMU. Assist. Prof. Dr. Solyalı thanked thanked the Rector’s Office and reletad Units within the university for such opportunities by emphasizing that the Rector’s Office works in harmony and always provides support to them.

The “Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” is an annual competition for students organized by TÜBİTAK since 2005. With a variety of different challenges, the main objective of the competition is to increase the local production of gadgets that use alternative energy, develop products with high added value, increase the awareness of the participants and ensure that they follow the all the innovations regarding the field, support participants to gain experience and in this way, increase the country’s awareness on the use of the alternative energy sources.

More than 10,000 university students were reached within the scope of the competition. A group of young engineers with the knowledge and experience needed to strengthen the potential and encourage the industrial applications were brought together.