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Mathematical Physics (PHYS212)

Vector analysis (definition and elementary approach, vector integration, Gauss’ theorem, Stocks’ theorem, potential theory); Curved coordinates systems; Basics of tensors; Functions of complex variables (Cauchy-Riemann theorem, conformal mapping, calculus of residues, singularities and physical interpretations); Frobenius method and Green’s function; Green's function method for scattering problems; Applications of special functions in quantum mechanics, atomic physics, relativity, and electromagnetic theory; Wave equations and their solutions in curved spacetimes; Hamilton-Jacobi formalism; WKB approximation; Noether theory; Boundary value problems in electrodynamics, diffusion, quantum mechanics, and general relativity.

Credit: 4

Lecture Hour (hrs/week): 4

Lab (hrs/week): 0

Tutorial (hrs/week): 0

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