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EMU Provides In-Service Training for Rauf Denktaş University Personnel

EMU Provides In-Service Training for Rauf Denktaş University Personnel

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Personnel Office Directorate delivered in-service training seminars for Rauf Denktaş University (RDU) personnel between the 7th and 17th of October 2019.  Upon the completion of the seminars, RDU personnel were delivered certificates for completing their in-service training. The certificate ceremony took place at 16:00 on Wednesday, the 30th of October 2019 at the EMU Rector’s Office.

The in-service training delivered by EMU was on: Principles of Correspondence between Units and Filing, Library Registration and Debiting Systems, Human Resources Management, Financial Affairs, Legislation Management and Admissions.

EMU continues to share its 40 years of experience via institutional collaborations, certificate programs, courses and seminars with the aim of contributing to the lifelong education of individuals. Speaking at the certificate ceremony, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam indicated that their aim is to help other universities reach a certain level of maturity and global success obtained by EMU. Thanking RDU for collaborating with EMU, Prof. Dr. Osam expressed his happiness regarding their contribution to the nurturing of the youth. RDU Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bıçak started his speech by thanking EMU for their contribution. Highlighting the importance of EMU’s position on the “THE” rankings, Prof. Dr. Bıçak congratulated Prof. Dr. Osam and his team. Indicating that RDU is a newly established university Prof. Dr. Bıçak relayed information on RDU. Describing EMU as the flagship of Turkish Cypriot universities, Prof. Dr. Bıçak underlined that new universities have a lot to learn from EMU regarding providing a quality education. After the speeches, Prof. Dr. Bıçak presented EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Osam a knitted carpet with the portrait of TRNC’s Founding President Rauf Raif Denktaş.

The RDU personnel who received comprehensive in-service training on various subjects are as follows:

Ayşe Şensoy (Principles of Correspondence between Units and Filing,  Human Resources Management, Financial Affairs), Ticen A. Özraşit (Principles of Correspondence between Units and Filing), Faysal Güden (Legislation Management), Dr. Mustafa Avcın (Legislation Management), Hamidreza Monibi (Human Resources Management), Dilara Rasulova (Library Registration and Debiting Systems), Zhaniya Rakhimova (Financial Affairs), Yusuf Yıldız (Admissions).