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Doyen Journalists Mete Çubukçu and Oğuz Haksever to Teach in EMU

Doyen Journalists Mete Çubukçu and Oğuz Haksever to Teach in EMU

By strengthening its staff day by day, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Communication Faculty, New Media and Journalism Department offers its students the opportunity of being trained by the people who are successful in the field of media. EMU Communication Faculty, New Media and Journalism Department, which keeps up with the developments in the field and keeps up with the times, has recruited journalists Mete Çubukçu and Oğuz Haksever to teach in the upcoming semester.

During 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester, the Investigative Journalism course will be taught by Mete Çubukçu and, Oğuz Haksever will be the instructor of the Video Journalism course. Prominent journalists will share their experiences with the students. They will teach students on issues such as the transformation of traditional media and how they can better use new media in the field. EMU Communication Faculty, New Media and Journalism Department Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy expressed the department’s happiness at bringing Turkey's doyen journalists together with students. Stating that as the New Media and Journalism Department, they know the value of the industry's experiences, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Ersoy noted that before graduating, the students take their professional experience to the next level and become ready to practice the profession.

Mete Çubukçu

“I am waiting with Baited Breath”

Mete Çubukçu made a statement on the matter and said: “It excites me to teach young individuals in the Communication Faculty. I am excited to get a sense on how the students perceive the world, their political views as well as their opinions regarding Turkey and Cyprus. It will be nice to share my 35 years of field experience, how conventional media keeps up with new media and how I use them in my own programs. By conveying how I blend my experiences in journalism and investigative journalism with the possibilities of digital media; I believe that I will contribute to the young friends to create more efficient, fast and accurate news in the future. Most of my 35 years of experience has been spent in the field. I have been running an ongoing program for 10 years, working mainly as an investigative journalist in the Middle East, Central Asia and crisis regions. I look forward to being able to convey new forms of journalism to young friends by asking them to benefit from this experience and ask their curiosity.

“I believe that it will be Beneficial for Students”

Oğuz Haksever also touched on the topic by expressing his views; “I started my professional career in television. I continue my profession by doing television journalism in the new media environment.  In upcoming academic semester, we will deal with television journalism in a way to cover almost all its dimensions with fellow students. Although television journalism is a tool of the old media, that is, television comes to mind; this is not the case, it can be easily understood from the visual news on internet news portals, YouTube and similar channels and social media. In other words, a journalist candidate who wants to be visible in the New Media must also be knowledgeable about television journalism. For instance, students who aim to make presentations on YouTube and prepare videos for social media; Being knowledgeable and equipped in the grammar of the image, cinematography, language and organization of the broadcast news, articulation and presentation in voiceovers will provide them with significant advantages in the career race. With this perspective, I believe that EMU Communication Faculty students will benefit from our cooperation”.