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English Proficiency Exam for Newly-Registered Students

English Proficiency Exam for Newly-Registered Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to Eastern Mediterranean University. In order to be exempted from preparatory school and directly start to study in your department in the 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester, you need to fulfil the language requirements mentioned for your department on the link below:

Exemption Criteria

For graduate students the Language Requirements are available on the link below:

English Language Requirement

In the case you do not have any documents required for your department you need to take the English Proficiency Exam which will be administered online on the following dates: 

English Proficiency Exam Dates: 27-28-29 September 2021

You can check the FLEPS website for your time and date a few days before the exam day. You need to be available on Microsoft Teams with your school e-mail address in order to be given an exam date and time. Therefore, after you log in to Microsoft Teams with your school e-mail address, please complete the registration form for the Proficiency Exam below. Then you will be added to the waiting rooms on Microsoft Teams and you will be also informed about the exam details there.

Proficiency Exam Registration

You need to have your identity card or passport with you during the exam.

Your exam results will also be announced on FLEPS website

Information About the Proficiency Exam

We would like to give you important information about our English Proficiency Exam, which will shape your journey here at EMU, in terms of technical issues and exam rules.

  • Our English Proficiency Exam will be held in the form of an interview via Microsoft Teams application.
  • You can access this exam sample on the following link:

Online Proficiency Exam Sample

  • Please ensure you read our announcement regarding technical information by clicking on the link below and by applying them, you must log in to Microsoft Teams program before the test day.

Technical Information

  • In order to take the exam, you must log in to the Microsoft Teams program and be present with your ID card or passport on the specified exam time (Cyprus local time) using the online exam rooms link.
  • You will be placed in a waiting room for the exam and when your exam time comes, you will be invited to the exam room by our instructors. (There may be 5-10 minutes delay due to technical reasons, if so please do not worry.)
  • Your exam will take between 15 and 30 minutes starting from the time announced and it will be recorded.
  • During the exam, you have to fulfil the following conditions and obey the rules stated here. Otherwise, your exam will not be valid and / or will be cancelled.
    • Having a valid and current photo ID or passport with you before being called for the exam.
    • Accepting the call when you are called to the exam room.
    • From the moment you enter the online exam room until the end of the exam, your camera and microphone are not covered in any way.
    • The environment where you will take the exam is bright and your face can be seen clearly.
      When asked about your ID / Passport, you should show the picture page / side of it to the camera clearly.
    • Being alone in the room you will be in during the exam.
    • Sit still so that the camera can show your upper body and hands up from your waist upwards.
    • No disturbing noise or noise in the background.
    • Not wearing any accessories such as headphones, sunglasses, coloured glasses or hats.
    • You must have a strong internet connection (your exam will be cancelled if your internet connection is lost).
    • There is no other electronic device (mobile phone, iPad, tablet, computer, etc.) in the room other than the device with your camera and microphone.
    • Not getting up from your seat.
    • Your failure to attempt to cheat in any way.
  • If you do not respond when you are called to the exam, the call will be repeated 2 more times and our Department will be notified by the instructors that you did not attend the exam after 3 times/calls.
  • When your exam is over, you need to leave the room by clicking the "LEAVE" button.
  • After the exam, your exam results will be announced on this web page as the course code you will take during the fall semester.
  • During the exam, you should not write or deal with anything else or someone.

For more detailed information or any inquiries, you can fill in the form under CONTACT on FLEPS website.

You can also contact us via the FLEPS Secretary's Office (+90 392 630 2153 / +90 392 630 1330) or our WhatsApp number (+90 533 837 53 76).

We wish you good luck.

Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Administration