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EMU Sports Sciences Program Applications Still Continuing

EMU Sports Sciences Program Applications Still Continuing


Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Sports Sciences, Sports Sciences Program applications are still continuing for students applying with special aptitude tests. All necessary infrastructures have been completed for the program and have been running since the 2011-2012 Academic Year. The program is 4 years and is taught in Turkish.

The program is aimed at teaching all aspects of health and fitness as well as all the theories related to the field. Students who graduate from the program can earn titles such as “Sports Scientist, Coach, Sports Professional and Sports Animator”.

Assist, Prof Berkiye Kirmizigil stated that the university houses high technology equipment which is where the quality of the program stands out.  Kirmizigil also pointed out the significance of putting theory to practice with the equipment that’s available at the campus.

Students wishing to apply for the program can do so until 15 September, 2014. For more information, please contact 630 3067