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Aid Campaign for Soma Mining Disaster Victims

Aid Campaign for Soma Mining Disaster Victims

Please be informed that our university has launched an aid campaign for families affected by the tragic mining disaster which took place in the Soma district of Manisa. 

After deducting non-recoverable expenses already made for the cancelled Spring Festival, the remaining amount allocated for the Spring Festival will be donated to the Soma Aid Campaign by the University.

Please also be informed that …….

  1. EMU staff wishing to contribute to the campaign may do so through the link below on the portal specified for this purpose. Donations made through the portal will be deposited into the bank account details provided below.
  2. Those students wishing to donate may also do so by clicking on the “Soma Aid Campaign” link on their portal. The donation will be added on the students’ tuition fee. Again, student donations will be transferred into the bank account details specified below.
  3. Those of you who would like to contribute by depositing the donations directly into the account may do so by giving the bank details below and mentioning the “Soma Aid Campaign” title while depositing the donation.

Best regards,

EMU Rector’s Office

BANK: Cyprus Turkish Cooperative Central Bank Ltd.

ACCOUNT NAME: Eastern Mediterranean University

ACCOUNT NO: 11-118-0000100640