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Eastern Mediterranean University

Student Societies & Clubs

The importance of social and cultural activities in preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills cannot be questioned. Social/cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the university, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication. With the aim of encouraging students to value their leisure time, expand their areas of interest, relax and have fun together, participate in fine arts activities and attend cultural and arts-related events, an array of student clubs operate within the university.



Every student in the university may join the clubs and/or they can form a club according to their interests. In this way, students can improve their social, cultural and occupational skills, gain the skill of expressing themselves more efficiently, take part in club organizations, either theirs or other clubs’, and attend the club activities.

The Social and Cultural Activity Directorate organizes activities during the year to reinforce students’ social and cultural needs. These activities also serve as an interactive bridge between the local community and the university.

  • ACM Student Chapter
  • AEGEE (European Students' Forum)
  • American Football Club
  • Animal Welfare Club
  • Beşiktaş Fan Club
  • Career Club
  • Caricature and Humour Club
  • Children's Right's Club
  • Cinema Club
  • Communication Club
  • Community Services Club
  • Cricket Club
  • Culture and History Club
  • Culture and Life Club
  • Dance Community
  • Design Club
  • Economics and Finance Club
  • EESTEC LC Famagusta
  • EMU Game Platform
  • EMU Search & Rescue Club
  • Environment Club
  • Fenerbahçe Fan Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Folk Dance Community
  • Genetics Club
  • Graphic Design and New Media Club
  • Health,Sports & Arts Club
  • Idea and Debate Club
  • IEEE Student Chapter
  • Industrial Engineering Club
  • Intercultural Communication and Translation Club
  • International Relations Club
  • Law Club
  • Literature Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club
  • Multicultural Art Students Club
  • Music Club
  • Musical Community
  • Photography Club
  • Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Robotics and Automation Club
  • Science and Philosophy Club
  • Skateboard Club
  • Software Club
  • Student World Assembly
  • Surf and Sailing Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Theatre Community
  • Tourism Club
  • Trabzonspor Fan Club
  • ultrAslan EMU
  • Underwater Sports Club

Contact Information

Social and Cultural Activities Directorate,
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Tel: +90 392 630 2671
Fax: +90 392 630 1249