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Programming Fundamentals (CMPE112)

An overview of C programming language, Sequential structure Data types and classes of data, arithmetic operators and expressions, assignment statements, type conversions, simple I/O functions (printf, scanf, fprintf, fscanf, gets, puts, fgets, fputs). Selective structure Relational operators, logical operators, conditional expression operator, conditional statements (if, switch). Repetitive structures While, do-while, for loops, loop interruptions (goto, break, continue), Null statement, comma operator. Functions Function definition and function call, external variables, storage classes, recursion. Arrays Array declaration, array initialization, arrays as function arguments. Pointers Basics of pointers, functions and pointers, arrays and pointers, strings and pointers, library functions for processing strings, pointer arrays. Structures Basics of structures, structures and functions, arrays of structures. (Pre-requisite: CMPE 101)

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