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Orientation Days

Rector's Message

Dear Students

Since the day you were born, education has been a part of your life. Every individual is unique and you have many traits and skills that make you who you are. The important thing is to unveil these features.

While the new world order is being established, many structures have undergone changes. Technology has developed, opportunities for accessing information have changed, new professions have emerged, and the value of arts, sports, personal development and cultural interactions has increased. Within this structure, needs and expectations have changed in parallel with the societies. You will shape your own future in accordance with these developments. Today, you are at an important point regarding a decision you are about to make concerning your life. This decision of yours will be an important tool in reaching your targets in life. With every step you take, you should feel that you are one step closer to your goal and you should plan, believe and work harder to achieve it. In your career choices, it is of great importance that you are at a place that reveals the features that make you yourself; a place where you are happy while producing, where you will make your dreams come true, and where you feel you are the best. You should have a good evaluation of the opportunities offered to you to receive quality education, to become a well-equipped individual, to be familiar with the requirements of multicultural systems, to engage in activities that will play an important role in your personal development, to be interested in arts and sports, to make new friendships in a multinational environment and sail towards new friendships and horizons.

The Eastern Mediterranean University is the first state university of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). With its advanced infrastructure compatible with the requirements of the age, prominent faculty, programs providing high quality education opportunities in English and Turkish-medium, student exchange programs, rich sports, social and cultural activities, Eastern Mediterranean University offers you a great opportunity in your career plans. EMU boasts a multicultural and international structure with students from 110 different countries around the world. With our internationally-recognised and valuable diploma, we are a university that closely follows the achievements of our graduates at the international arena. We work with all our strength for young people who are creative, productive, have analytical thinking skills, are entrepreneurs, keep up with the expectations and competitive environment of the global system, and develop themselves in different fields. Our university has its success confirmed in many fields, thanks to our international accreditations. Different programs of our university, which attaches great importance to international accreditations, take pride in holding important accreditations. EMU offers its students the opportunity to prepare for the future in every aspect with its extensive sports possibilities, student clubs, International Student Associations, Research Centers, EMU Beach Club and different dormitory and accommodation facilities. We invite you to be a member of this powerful institution, which offers you the possibilities to have a voice in the international arena and where you can develop your personal traits in a high quality educational environment. You can take your power from us as you shape your future.

Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın