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EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Hosted Prof. Dr. Alireza Fazeli

EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Hosted Prof. Dr. Alireza Fazeli

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences hosted University of Sheffield Faculty of Medicine, Department of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine academic staff member and University of Tartu, Department of Translational Medicine and Genomics Chair Prof. Dr. Alireza Fazeli.

“Male pregnancy: Myth or truth?”

Staff and students from the faculties Molecular Biology and Genetics, Psychology, Pharmacy and other faculties attended Prof. Dr. Fazeli’s presentation with the striking title “Male pregnancy: Myth or truth?” Indicating that unlike many other species, male sea horses carry inseminated eggs not females, Prof. Dr. Fazeli stated that this can be described as ‘male pregnancy’. Noting that seahorses are a good example when looking at the effect of environmental factors in embryo development and how genes are expressed, Prof. Dr. Fazeli provided examples of the methods used in their experiments and announced their findings.

In the final parts of the energetic presentation Prof. Dr. Fazeli, provided EMU students with some examples from his own academic career. Providing advice about career planning Prof. Dr. Fazeli touched upon the importance of never giving up and overcoming obstacles with examples from his own life. At the end of the presentation, a question and answer session took place.