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Green Steps Project Competition

Green Steps Project Competition

In scope of a protocol signed between the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Deputy Prime Ministry’s Office, Ministry of Tourism and Environment,  the “Green Steps Competition” will be organized to motivate and stimulate the society for a more livable environment. Those who want to participate in the said event, to be organized under the titles of "Environment and Sustainability", "Ecological Footprint", "Waste Reduction", "Water Management", "Gaining Green Skills", "Prevention of Pollution", "Biological Diversity" and "Zero Pollution", can submit their projects on the aforesaid topics to between Monday, 6 December, 2021 and Tuesday, 4 January, 2022.

Each section in the application will start on a new page and will use A4 page sizes (210 mm x 297 mm). The general font will be “Times New Roman, 12pt” and the titles will be “Times New Roman, 14pt Bold”. In the introductory part of the text, “A. Project Start Date:”, “B. Project Completion Date:” and “C. Applicant Contact Information” will appear:

The Application File Will Consist Of Eight Sections
The application files to be submitted must be consisted of 8 section. In the first part, there will be a "Abstract" section where information such as the introduction of the project, its aims and objectives, the method to be employed and the expected outcomes will be briefly stated. In the second part, titled “Introduction”, the area on which the project will work and the problem situation will be specified. In this section, it is expected that there will be a brief summary of the project idea and the basic approach in the TRNC and the world. In the third part, “Project Description” will take place. In this section, the theme/idea of the project will be defined. Charts, tables, conceptual explanation of the project, references to the sources used in the development of the project idea and the framework that the project will provide for "Green Steps" will be specified.

The fourth section will include the “Purpose and Objectives of the Project”. In this section, the desired outcome of the project and the measurable targets planned to be achieved will be stated. In the fifth section titled “Project Method”, the methods to be followed in the realization of the project will be explained. In the sixth section, titled “Benefits of the Project”, the positive outcomes expected to be achieved at the end of the project will be included. In the seventh section titled “Business Plan”, the implementation plan from the beginning of the project to its end will be specified. In the eighth and final section titled “Resources”, the sources to be used in the preparation of the project will be specified.

Various awards will be presented to the winners of the competition at a ceremony. Detailed information about the competition can be obtained from EMU Promotion Office (630 23 23).