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Discrete Mathematics (MATE163)

Discrete mathematics lesson; It is the first non-calculus mathematics course given to students who specialize in mathematics, computer science and engineering. This course is designed to introduce the non-continuity discrete concepts of mathematics and the mathematical tools and techniques used to examine these concepts. Discrete mathematics; It includes different concepts such as clusters, relations (relations), functions, propositional logic and basics of Boolean algebra, mathematical induction, recursion relations, basic and advanced counting techniques, charts and trees. This course also introduces some proof techniques of mathematics including induction technique, validation table, Venn diagram method, pigeon nest principle. In addition, discrete mathematics; the door is for more advanced courses. Discrete mathematics; It provides mathematical foundations for many courses including data structures, algorithms, database systems, digital logic design, digital logic systems, operations research, automata theory, computer security, abstract algebra, mathematical modeling, geometry and topology.

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