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Electromagnetics - I (EENG232)

Review of vector calculus. Electrostatics in vacuum . Coulomb?s and Gauss?s laws. Electrostatic potential. Poison?s and Laplace?s equations. Conductors in the presence of electrostatic fields. Method of images. Dielectrics; polarization. Dielectric boundary conditions. Capacitance. Electrostatic forces by the virtual work principle. Steady currents. Ohm?s and Joule?s laws. Resistance calculations. Magnetostatics in vacuum. Ampere?s force law. Biot-Savart law. Magnetic vector potential, Ampere?s circuital law. Magnetic boundary conditions. Magnetic dipole. Magnetization. Hysteresis curve. Self and mutual inductance. Magnetic stored energy. Magnetic forces by the virtual work principle.

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