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Introduction to Tectonics of Structural Systems (ARCH235)

A course aiming at the exploration of a concept regarding the investigation of architectural meaning of structures. Study of basic terminology and classification of structural systems in relation to the concept of tectonics in architecture. Tectonics of all form-resistant structures, flexural and masonry structures via one successful case study for each system. Resultant forces in two dimensions, basic concepts of equilibrium, center of gravity, and moment of inertia along with structural requirements suc h as stability, strength and equilibrium, discussed on specific cases. Structural behavior, regulations, methods of construction and tectonics of masonry structures studied in detail. Histo ry of structures, philosophical concepts about the process of architectural and engineering design of building structures. Concepts of objectivity, abstraction, modeling, analysis and optimization in relation to different economic approaches to structures in architecture; structural ef ficiency, optimization of design, design of the optimum, and design of symbolic capital. Aesthetics and ethics of structural design in relation to economy and structural requirements of buildings.

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